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A running gag is that Kearney is much older than all of the other kids at Springfield Elementary School, but has been held back from graduating for many years. Prior to that episode, Kearney's surname was never mentioned.

He is 29 years old, and also has a son who appears in several episodes. Kearney's surname implies that his family could be of Polish origin. This is evidenced when Principal Skinner attempts to pry off Kearney's hood ornament to replace the 'H' logo stolen from Superintendent Chalmers' Honda.

Bart was later caught in the crossfire when his own creation backfired, and the other students at Springfield Elementary School (this is seen in a comic, but comic strips are not considered canonical).

(If you’ve never watched an episode with commentary by Hart Hanson, I highly recommended it. ) Anyway, Hart Hanson said something that just struck me as funny yet totally true. As a lover and aficionado of arms TJ Thyne has really great arms. I love her reaction when she sees it and her reaction when he asked why he should get it removed. She walks out of the room and he kind of half grins down at his bicep. But I never worried that he was going to curl up and die. He kept working at the Jeffersonian (even though he doesn’t have to) and working with Angela. I think it’s proof that he’s a good man and that he has a big heart. (I guess if I were going to delve deep enough I’d say that if anyone can relate to both Brennan Booth I’d have to say it was Hodgins. The point I’m going for with this comes from quote my previously mentioned friend, Michelle, gave me when I asked her why she found Hodgins so attractive: “Maybe because on paper he shouldn’t be hot, but he is.” I totally agree with her. Jack Hodgins should be a total geek, a true squint.Kearney later gets Grand Theft Scratchy with Roams around the Streets of Springfield trying to stop Marge and Lisa who are trying to Band the Game and succeeds.He later watched the fight with Lard Lad and the Aliens and tells Homer that he guessed Lard Lad was a bigger Fatso then him and later questions if the Aliens could process how fat Homer is for a human.later he warns Bart and Homer to stay away from the Museum and later steals from the Museum but fails and later can't believe that they beat him.

later he says in case of the Eating Contest his overweight proved Valuable.

Kearney's son looks exactly like him, though younger and has a voice resembling Ralph Wiggum's. He was able to overcome his parent's divorce by sleeping in a drawer at night.